Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering The Knit Kits

We have moved our manufacturing to the US, and are ramping up production and launching our new ecommerce website. We have stock ready to be ordered, and will be offering more in the future. 

What colors of The Knit Kit are available?
When will I receive my Kits?
Where can I view or cancel my orders?
What is the shipping and billing process?
What do I do if I still haven't received my order?

Retailers and Wholesale Orders

Retailers of The Knit Kit will be able to purchase and track wholesale orders on The Knit Kit's new ecommerce website.

I am an existing Retailer?

You will need to create a new Customer Account on ecommerce site and then contact our customer service department at 208-286-1584 | Toll Free 877-564-8548 or email with your account details and we will designate you as a "Wholesaler".

I would like to sell The Knit Kit at my shop?
What wholesale products are available to order online?
I'm not seeing wholesale pricing when I go to order?
How do add or edit my listing on your "Where to Buy" page?
Wholesale Orders
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